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IT teams regularly change their storage providers, taking advantage of new technologies as they arise, developing and improving processes to reduce back-up and recovery windows, and generally doing everything they can to reduce management time – everything they can do to put the data process into the background so they focus on helping drive the business forward. 

Over time, this results in  - often critical - legacy data residing in archives controlled by out-dated, unsupported software, on old appliances which the current IT team is not familiar with: a ‘betamax’ archive. How do IT teams avoid the problem of unusable legacy data? What happens when legal ask you to retrieve emails, contracts and documents from a platform of the past?

In this Computing webseminar, our exclusive research reveals the extent of the legacy data timebomb, the risks inherent in letting ‘sleeping tapes lie’, and discusses practical solutions to offloading the problem.



Graeme Burton

Graeme Burton, Group News Editor, Enterprise IT, Incisive Media

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Graeme works across a portfolio that includes Computing, V3 and The Inquirer. A business journalist with 20 years of experience in national press and magazines, he has written for and about industries as diverse as utilities, banking, information and knowledge management, as well as almost all aspects of IT. At Computing he has written about mobile, computing security, data centres, operating systems as well as enterprise hardware and software. He also presents online webinars, roundtables and interviews, and is a frequent contributor for CNN.


Andrew Hobbs

Content Strategist & Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology

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Andrew is an enterprise technology writer, editor, publisher, strategist and consultant; illuminating digital transformation in the connected world and educating businesses on the opportunities and challenges presented by cloud and edge computing, the Internet of Things, automation, AI, and Big Data. He is a former Editor and Publisher of Internet of Business and now oversees Incisive Works’ enterprise technology thought-leadership content creation, including multimedia digital experiences, whitepapers, webinars, videos, and podcasts



Chris Clark

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Trusted Data Solutions

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Chris Clark is the co-founder and CEO of New York-based Trusted Data Solutions (TDS). Prior to TDS, Chris was the Chief Operating Officer of National Data Conversion (NDC).

Since TDS’s inception in 2009, Chris and his team have established an unparalleled reputation and expertise in the areas of legacy data management, including back up tape restoration, archive migration, and voice logger retrievals in the context of large e-discovery and compliance initiatives. Chris has participated in numerous industry panels and symposia in the US and UK as an industry leader.

Chris has extensive experiences incubating and growing various technology-led organizations in the US, UK, Germany and Eastern Europe. Since the start of his career in the media industry in the early 1980s, he has launched multiple innovative programs, cable channels, networks and media companies in the US and Europe.


Mark Stephens

Head of Business Development, EMEA, Trusted Data Solutions

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With over 20 years of experience in selling legacy data management solutions, Mark Stephens is the Head of Business Development EMEA at Trusted Data Solutions (TDS)

Based out of TDS EMEA Headquarters in Cardiff, UK, Mark plays a key role in driving TDS’s expansion into European and APAC markets and remains passionate about supporting the TDS Partner Network in the delivery of solutions that aid or fulfill client data transformation initiatives.

Prior to joining TDS, Mark ran his own sales & marketing consultancy for 4 years and previously served as Managing Director (UK) at eMag Solutions.

Outside the office Mark is enjoys golf and hiking.


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