Hard pressed enterprises are consolidating security providers to simplify operations and make breach remediation simpler. But does this approach work, or does reducing complexity also reduce security – exposing the enterprise to a greater number of ‘unknown unknowns’?

Do company boards actually understand the risks – or is it the case, as a recent FCA report found, that board and management committee members can’t effectively describe their risk profile?

In this web seminar, our expert panel discusses why it is that executives at major organisations struggle to understand security and articulate their risks – and thus to adequately fund security - and who is considered responsible when breaches occur. And, using data from Computing Research, we examine whether the simplicity of management generated through provider consolidation improves security, or exposes you to greater risk – tune in to find out.



Anton Grashion

Senior Director Product Marketing EMEA, Cylance

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Dr. Anton Grashion, currently Senior Director of Product and Marketing at Cylance is an experienced cyber security professional. Prior to security based product and strategy roles at Intel Security, Juniper Networks and Netscreen he cofounded eRefinery, one of the UK’s first SaaS email security companies subsequently acquired by Content Technologies. Anton holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of Leeds, an MSc in Computing Science from Staffordshire Polytechnic and a PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence from Staffordshire University. He is a qualified offshore fire-fighter – but that is a skill he doesn’t rely on much at Cylance.


Luke Hull

Regional Director, Cylance Consulting

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Sean Remnant

CSO, Ignition

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Over the last 25 years Sean has held a number of Technical Director roles in successful UK and EMEA focused security distribution companies (Exclusive Networks, Vadition, and Equip Technology). With responsibilities for product selection and the technical services business units.

Primarily focussing on identifying and bringing new, disruptive and innovative solutions to market, some of the more successful vendors over the years being Netscreen, Neoteris and more recently Palo Alto Networks & FireEye.

Sean is Ignition’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), and is responsible for shaping the company’s technology and service offerings for our partners.


Tom Allen

Special Projects Editor, Computing (host)

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