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Many businesses are now having to facilitate home working for the first time. Even those that have been set up for remote access for years may not be equipped to enable home working on the scale we are witnessing during this pandemic.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is creating additional security threats as attackers attempt to take advantage of the increased proportion of the workforce spending more time online at home, working in unorthodox surroundings.

The reality is that if organisations don’t equip employees with the appropriate security tools, policies and training, a compromise or a breach could bring the whole business to a grinding halt. Home working shouldn’t prioritise productivity at the expense of security.

Fortunately, we’re long past the days when business security ended at the office walls. The security perimeter is now digital, and cloud-based security tools allow IT teams to monitor and protect devices off-domain, utilising automation and providing round-the-clock protection.

Our research will examine:

  • What organisations are doing today to ensure their remote workforces are secure from cyber threats, and what more they could be doing.
  • Digital distancing - what this means and why home workers need to think about this.
  • The use of VPNs, dedicated Wi-Fi networks, strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, endpoint security, and cyber risk awareness and training.




Andrew Hobbs

Andrew Hobbs

Content Strategist & Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology

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Andrew is an enterprise technology writer, editor, publisher, strategist and consultant; illuminating digital transformation in the connected world and educating businesses on the opportunities and challenges presented by cloud and edge computing, the Internet of Things, automation, AI, and Big Data. He is a former Editor and Publisher of Internet of Business and now oversees Incisive Works’ enterprise technology thought-leadership content creation, including multimedia digital experiences, whitepapers, webinars, videos, and podcasts


John Leonard

Group Research Director, Incisive Media

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John Leonard is Group Research Director for the Enterprise Technology Group at Incisive Media. He has designed and conducted research studies and analyses covering many of the aspects of business technology that are driving the way we live and work today.


Rick McElroy

Cyber Security Strategist, VMware Carbon Black

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Rick McElroy, Cyber Security Strategist for VMware Carbon Black, has 20 years of information security experience educating and advising organizations on reducing their risk posture and tackling tough security challenges. He has held security positions with the U.S. Department of Defense, and in several industries including retail, insurance, entertainment, cloud computing, and higher education.


Nick Ioannou

Head of IT / Associate

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Nick Ioannou is an IT professional, blogger and cybersecurity author, with over 20+ years’ corporate experience, including 17 years using cloud/hosted software as a service (SaaS) systems. As an early adopter of cloud systems, including the first iteration of Office 365, he has been paying for the privilege of bug testing them ever since. He started blogging in 2012 on free IT resources (www.boolean.co.uk) currently with over 475+ posts.

Author of 'Internet Security Fundamentals', 'A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses' and 'A Practical Guide to GDPR for Small Businesses' as well as contributing author to three 'Managing Cybersecurity Risk' books and 'Conquer The Web' by Legend Business Books.


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