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2022-01-27 11:00:00
2022-01-27 12:00:00

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Modern businesses are bombarded with cyber threats every day. From ransomware to business email compromise, supply chain attacks to social engineering, the number and sophistication of intrusions is at a level never seen before - and human-scale responses can no longer cope.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly useful for not just identifying incoming attacks, but responding to them nearly instantaneously without impacting day-to-day business. And when criminals are using their own AI systems, its use becomes even more important.

In this webseminar we will discuss the major vulnerabilities facing companies today, with case studies and examples showing how hackers are exploiting new technologies to threaten even companies with a supposedly strong security posture. It's not all doom and gloom, though: we'll also look at the actions you can take to defend yourself.

  • What are the major threats facing firms today?
  • Where are existing responses falling short?
  • Where and how can autonomous systems address vulnerabilities?


Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Editor, Computing

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Tom is Computing’s Site Editor, responsible for the editorial schedule and awards output. He has been a B2B writer since 2008 – not the easiest time to start a new career – working on topics as diverse as jewellery, pet care and funerals. Yes, he’s heard all the jokes.

Tom joined Computing in 2017, coming from the display industry; trading LCDs and quantum dots for data and cybersecurity. As well as writing, he regularly interviews C-level IT leaders, speaks at industry events and complains about improper use of the Oxford comma.

Mariana Pereira

Mariana Pereira

Director of Email Security Products

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Mariana is the Director of Email Security Products at Darktrace, with a primary focus on the capabilities of AI cyber defenses against email-borne attacks. Mariana works closely with the development, analyst, and marketing teams to advise technical and non-technical audiences on how best to augment cyber resilience within the email domain, and how to implement AI technology as a means of defense. She speaks regularly at international events, with a specialism in presenting on sophisticated, AI-powered email attacks. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, and speaks several languages including French, Italian, and Portuguese.



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