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2022-10-12 14:00:00
2022-10-12 15:00:00

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Ransomware attacks are a daily threat for organisations of all sizes and across all industries. Often, the ROI in securely backing up data is only demonstrated once an attack has taken place and the damage has been done. Resigned to paying out astronomical ransoms to unencrypt their data and get operations back up and running, organisations are positioning themselves as attractive targets.

Productivity, finances, and reputation all suffer in the absence of modern backup and business continuity solutions, leaving many to conclude there is no option but to simply pay the demands. However, there is no guarantee the transaction will entirely restore data or that an attack won’t happen again. It also serves to fund and incentivise cyber criminals. Paying ransoms is not a valid cyber security strategy.

Even investing in cyber insurance cannot fully protect organisations and may even make you a more appealing target. Criminal organisations often have the resources to research policies, setting ransom demands accordingly to receive the maximum pay-out possible. If cybercriminals discover you are insured, or even what your maximum cover is, a large payday is a more likely outcome.

With this in mind, secure disaster recovery and business continuity plans are essential. The pandemic demonstrated the role of IT in keeping enterprises running, but are budgets meeting disaster recovery needs? Do organisations have resilient plans in place to remediate attacks and other critical infrastructure failures?

This webinar, featuring dedicated research from Computing, will uncover the steps being taken to remedy the damage ransomware attacks can inflict. It will explore attitudes to paying ransoms, the lessons learned from incidents, and IT leader confidence in their backup and recovery solutions.


John Leonard

John Leonard

Research Director, Computing/The Channel Company EMEA

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John is Research Director at Computing and Delta, where he tracks developments in the IT market and monitors technology choices made by IT leaders.

Anne Cockshott

Anne Cockshott

Technology Analyst, The Channel Company EMEA

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Anne works with the commercial technology content team producing whitepapers, reports, webinars, multimedia digital experiences, videos, and articles on the latest industry trends. Formerly, Anne was a science writer for the American Institute of Physics.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler

Managing Consultant, Resilience and Continuity Services

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Chris is a Fellow of the Institute for Leadership and Management, a Member of the Business Continuity Institute and a Certified Information Security Manager. He is also a certified Executive Coach and Mentor with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Following 20 years as an Army officer, with numerous leadership positions within military aviation, Chris became a resilience and security consultant. He has worked within the UK high hazard energy sector, supporting leadership teams in the UK nuclear sector, from board level down to the operational front line in nuclear power plants.

Most recently, he was the Lead Principal Consultant for Resilience and Security at Sungard Availability Services.



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