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2022-09-08 13:00:00
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One of the biggest challenges facing IT departments is how to effectively manage the myriad of complex tasks and processes that run across a technically diverse and disparate IT landscape. Companies with fewer than 1,000 employees typically run 20 or more critical applications—and larger organisations upwards of 700, on average.

These applications run critical tasks and processes that are essential to the company’s ongoing daily operation. This also applies to other crucial systems like ERPs, databases, physical and cloud-based servers, and mainframe or legacy systems. 

This leaves companies wanting to manage these processes with two options:
  • Use the internal application scheduling, native tools like Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Agent and inhouse developed scripts.
  • Implement an enterprise job scheduler tool, which companies can use to centralise and manage all their IT tasks and processes in one central management console that is accessible through a single pane of glass. 
Join The Channel Company and HelpSystems for a conversation on how your organisation can harness the power of orchestration to regain control of your IT landscape. You’ll discover how these tools integrate with various technologies throughout your enterprise to provide seamless, unattended job execution.

Register now to learn how you can optimise resources and streamline processes, so your team can focus on more strategic tasks.


Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Editor, Computing

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Tom is Computing’s Site Editor, responsible for the editorial schedule and awards output. He has been a B2B writer since 2008 – not the easiest time to start a new career – working on topics as diverse as jewellery, pet care and funerals. Yes, he’s heard all the jokes.

Tom joined Computing in 2017, coming from the display industry; trading LCDs and quantum dots for data and cybersecurity. As well as writing, he regularly interviews C-level IT leaders, speaks at industry events and complains about improper use of the Oxford comma.

Greg McLaughlin

Greg McLaughlin

Regional Sales Manager Automation, HelpSystems

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Greg has been helping companies with their automation requirements since 2016. He has helped hundreds of companies centralise and better manage their mission critical IT tasks and processes. Greg works with a team of expert engineers to assess customer needs and understand the business-critical pressure points. Greg’s experience in Workload Automation and Robotic Process Automation helps to deliver front end to back-end automation capabilities and the result is an improved automation strategy for his customers.



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