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Monday 19th July


60 mins

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Ransomware has become the most feared type of cyber attack. Thanks to ransomware-as-a-service operations, cyber criminals no longer even require technically skills. Nowadays pretty much anyone can launch an attack that's as simple as it is devastating. Given the consequences of systems locked down and sensitive data stolen and published on the web, it's no wonder that many organisations take the easy - if expensive and risky - option of paying up. And so the cycle continues, with those that pay more likely to be hit again.

With multiple entry pathways and infection mechanisms, with ransomware spawning new strains all the time, no organisation is fully immune and disaster could be just careless link click away. Nevertheless, with the right preparation, tools and strategies, organisations can minimise any disruption and damage should the worst occur.

Join us for this webinar where we'll be looking at organisations that have successfully protected themselves against the ransomware scourge, making full and timely recoveries without paying a penny to the extortionists. Our expert panellists will be on hand to answer all your questions on how best to defeat ransomware, so register today.



Russell Nolan

Enterprise Systems Engineer, Veeam Software

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Russell Nolan is a Systems Engineer for Veeam Software, based in the UK with a specific focus on large Enterprise Accounts. Russell has a background in Data Storage technologies including Storage Networking, Virtualisation and Optimisation. He has a wealth of experience with virtualised environments as well as extensive knowledge of best practices for data security and availability in the modern data centre.


David Hill

Technologist, Product Strategy, Veeam Software

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David is an experienced Cloud Evangelist, Strategist and Technologist, currently working for Veeam Software as a Global Technologist and Field CTO in the Product Strategy group, building and defining Veeam's Cloud Native Strategy. David has worked in the IT Sector for 18 years, including eight years self-employed as an IT and Business Management Consultant.


John Leonard

Research Editor, Computing

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