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2022-11-23 10:00:00
2022-11-23 11:00:00

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With a ransomware attack occurring every 11 seconds, it really is a case of not if but when.

As with other cyber threats, its best to assume the enemy is already metaphorically in the building just waiting for an opportune moment to pull the trigger.

What makes ransomware different to other cyber threats, though is the extent of the damage it can do as it explodes outwards across the network from its initial activation point. Within a few short minutes hundreds or thousands of devices can be rendered useless while the attackers pillage critical data for sale or blackmail purposes. In contrast, repairing the damage can take weeks or even months.

Organisations, therefore, need to contain the infection and reduce the blast radius. The attackers may have broken into the building, but to get at core systems and critical data they need to get into the vault.

Join us for this web seminar in which we'll be looking at operational resilience in the face of the ransomware threat. We'll discuss the best ways to reduce the impact of a ransomware attack and to get back to normal in the shortest possible time.


John Leonard

John Leonard

Research Director, Computing/The Channel Company EMEA

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John is Research Director at Computing and Delta, where he tracks developments in the IT market and monitors technology choices made by IT leaders.

James Hughes

James Hughes

VP Sales Engineering & Enterprise CTO, EMEA at Rubrik

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James Hughes is VP of Sales Engineering at Rubrik and formerly a field CTO focusing on our global enterprises. James joins us from Schroders where he was Global Head of Infrastructure & Shared Services Technology.  As a technology executive, he was responsible for their complete infrastructure transformation, building the global team, changing the operating models, leading DevOps & Agile, cloud adoption, automation and building a code- driven infrastructure. There he changed the user experience & perception of technology by building a platform which allowed global users to work from anywhere. Coupled with this were new channels to get insight & data, get new technology and support adopting a more Amazon & Apple approach to tech, rather than traditional financial services. Previously he was Head of Production Services at Premium Credit, VP of Infrastructure at PIMCO and Head of Central IT for Investec Bank Plc. 

He is a Chartered Information Technology Professional with the British Computer Society and board member of various governance & standards bodies.



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