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2021-10-19 13:00:00
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It is difficult to deny that ransomware is one of the most significant threats organisations’ cyber defences are currently facing. According to recent research by Computing, 57 percent of participating organisations believe that both the volume and severity of ransomware attacks are increasing. Furthermore, 32 percent said the nature of attacks are making them harder to detect and remediate.

Backup data is the ultimate prize for an adversary looking to profit from a ransomware attack, as encrypting endpoint data makes recovery more difficult, with organisations facing a costly and time-consuming task when they attempt to restore data. If backup data is encrypted during an attack, organisations are therefore more likely to bow to pressure and pay ransoms, further fuelling the industry.

In this context, ensuring backups are truly immutable should be a vital part of organisations’ cyber security strategy as having a backup alone is no longer enough. While primary storage systems need to be accessible, immutability means that it is impossible for backup data to be deleted, encrypted or modified, meaning there is a version of the data that cannot be touched, and can be recovered in any scenario, be it malicious activity or accidental deletion.

The following webinar, supported by bespoke research, will explore how many organisations have already adopted, and understand the benefits of, truly immutable backups, and what businesses should be looking for in backup providers that support immutability. It will delve into the importance of incorporating immutability into backup architecture to ensure it is well protected against the evolving threat landscape and how organisations can recover quickly in the event of a successful attack.


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Melissa Palmer

Senior Technologist, Product Strategy, Veeam

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Melissa Palmer is Senior Technologist on the Product Strategy team at Veeam and a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX-236). Melissa has been focused on the full infrastructure stack in her career, and started out as an VMware engineer for a number of enterprise environments. She has previously held roles such as Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect, and Technical Marketing Engineer. You can find Melissa on twitter @vMiss33 or at her blog https://vMiss.net.

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Jorge De La Cruz

Senior Systems Engineer, Veeam

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Jorge de la Cruz is a Senior Systems Engineer at Veeam. In his blog, which has more than 50,000 monthly visits, he regularly talks about Veeam as well as the latest news about VMware, and other Cloud and Datacentre technologies, virtual labs and how-to articles about virtualization, monitorization, open-source, etc.
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Ellen Daniel

Tech Analyst, Computing

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Ellen is an experienced technology journalist who recently joined Incisive Media as a technology content editor from business and technology title Verdict where she was a senior reporter. Ellen works with our technology research team producing reports on the latest industry trends.
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Stuart Sumner

Editorial Director, Enterprise IT

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Stuart Sumner is Editorial Director of Incisive Media's technology-focused titles: Computing and Delta. He oversees all content across print, web, tablet editions, rich media and events - including the IT Leaders' Dining Club and Computing Summits. During Stuart's tenure Computing has transformed from a print-reliant business to a bleeding edge multi-channel brand with an industry-leading events portfolio. Previously he spent 10 years as a programme manager in the IT industry, working for companies such as the BBC, COLT, Nortel Networks and Equant. As a journalist he has also worked for Time Out and IPC Media. He is a regular technology pundit and contributor to the BBC News Channel, as well as a published author.



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