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2021-10-07 14:00:00
2021-10-07 15:00:00

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The pandemic has massively accelerated digital transformation, amongst vastly increased remote working. A growing dependence on cloud infrastructure means that systems, services, APIs, data and processes all need to be accessible through multiple mechanisms anywhere, at any time, and by any user device. This expands the surface area for attackers to target, much of it compromised by vulnerable home networks and poor cyber hygiene, making identifying and verifying users and devices vital.

This webinar, featuring dedicated research findings, will explore why Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may no longer be fit for purpose, and the extent to which a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach presents a modern answer to VPNs shortcomings.

Join our expert panel as we reveal the top vulnerabilities facing organisations today and discuss how ZTNA offers the contextual means to provide both remote and office-based staff with secure access to cloud and on-premises resources, without the issues inherent to VPNs.


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John Leonard

Research Editor, Computing

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John Leonard is Group Research Director for the Enterprise Technology Group at Incisive Media. He has designed and conducted research studies and analyses covering many of the aspects of business technology that are driving the way we live and work today.

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Andrew Hobbs

Content Strategist & Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology, Computing

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Andrew is an enterprise technology writer, editor, publisher, strategist and consultant; illuminating digital transformation in the connected world and educating businesses on the opportunities and challenges presented by cloud and edge computing, the Internet of Things, automation, AI, and Big Data. He is a former Editor and Publisher of Internet of Business and now oversees Incisive Works’ enterprise technology thought-leadership content creation, including multimedia digital experiences, whitepapers, webinars, videos, and podcasts.

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Jason Garbis

Senior Vice President of Products, Appgate

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Jason Garbis is Senior Vice President of Products for Appgate, responsible for the company's security product strategy and product management, and co-chair of the SDP Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, where he helps lead research and publication initiatives. He has over 30 years of product management, engineering, and consulting experience at security and technology firms, including RSA, where he focused on identity management and governance products. He holds a CISSP certification, has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University and a High-Technology MBA from Northeastern University. He is the author of “Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide”.



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