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Wednesday 3rd March

10.00am – 1.30pm GMT

3 hrs 30 mins

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About this season:

Before 2020 it was an unfathomable idea to work remotely, and the resources to update legacy systems simply did not exist. However, you’ve probably been managing a remote team since March, your systems have become more agile, and perhaps you’ve less office space than this time last year? The CIO was suddenly called upon to update the infrastructure, innovate the working methods, and keep the whole thing secure.
And whilst we all emerge from our Covid-19 bunkers, Brexit pokes its head out to offer itself as the disrupter of 2021. How will you face the challenges of updated Cloud regulations, changes in data protection, and impacted movement of staff? Will you be able to keep up with the cyber-security strains that this new remote world continues to bring? Perhaps quantum computing is the answer?!
Join us for this episode of Deskflix to hear from industry experts and peers on their 2020 best practices, what they’ve learnt for 2021 and how they plan to overcome the next wave of disruption.

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  • Connect with 200 UK IT leaders from around the UK
  • Join us from anywhere on your desktop or tablet, for free
  • Ask industry experts your burning questions, real time
  • Network with sponsors in the virtual exhibition
  • Earn certification through CPD

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