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Data is pouring into the enterprise from a rapidly proliferating number of sources as the digital economy expands and gathers pace. Organisations understand the stakes and, in many cases, are trying to transform the way that they deliver goods and services to enable them to better serve their customers.

However, this cross departmental co-operation and data sharing is difficult in businesses that have evolved in the traditional manner, with HCM, finance, accounting and payroll all run as separate siloed entities with minimal data sharing and integration.

This webinar will discuss how organisations can overcome some of the challenges they are facing in reshaping their people and processes - and show how organisational silos, the systems that underpin them and the disjointed, labour intensive analytics that they give rise to are damaging the agility of businesses and slowing down the process of digitisation.




Stuart Sumner

Editorial Director, Enterprise IT

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Tom Wright

Consulting, Editor, Computing

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Oliver McKenna

CTO Northern Europe Workday

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