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Cybercriminals are constantly finding ways to evolve their phishing attacks to get through traditional email security defenses. Join Egress Threat Intelligence Lead James Dyer as he discusses some of these new techniques as covered in the latest Phishing Threat Trends Report, including:

  • The rise of quishing and evolution of payloads
  • How AI is used in phishing attacks, including deepfakes
  • How multi-channel attacks play out
  • The threats that are getting through secure email gateways

Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Editor at Computing

Tom is the Editor for Computing, where he has been covering the UK IT market since 2017. He is an industry veteran, writing his first tech story back in the mists of 2011, and specialises in covering topics around sustainable IT, diversity and Web3 developments like blockchain and the metaverse.

Tom regularly chats to leading IT professionals around the world, from companies both large and small, keeping a finger on the pulse of the technology space. He is always on the lookout for the newest market trends that affect IT leaders in the UK and worldwide.

Tom has previously written for a variety of B2B titles, including those serving the jewellery, pet and funeral industries - and yes, he's heard all the jokes. Often spotted with a notebook, grumbling about the Oxford comma.

James Dyer

James Dyer

Threat Intelligence Lead, Egress

James Dyer is a specialist in the email security space and spends his days with his team delving in and understand the Methodologies and TTPs of the crime as a service eco system, some of his primary research areas involve social engineering, OSINT and Understanding human risks organizations face. James’ latest research has been focused on how AI is being used by cyber criminals and how Security tooling is being targeted directly. James’ objective is to leverage this information to strengthen Egress products and help customers remain protected.


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