Many enterprises are investing more in public cloud, and for good reason. The public cloud offers unparalleled scale and agility; enterprises can quickly deploy new projects without infrastructure investments and spin up or tear down workloads as needed.

And if the IT department is slow to embrace public cloud, individual teams or departments will move without them—a practice called shadow IT. With a credit card and some basic skills they’ve got a public cloud footprint up and running.

But those enterprises and/or the shadow IT factions, are running into tough questions. How can they maintain control over sensitive data? How can they control the cost of operating resource-intensive workloads? And how can they guarantee the performance of mission critical applications?

The answer to these questions is private cloud—but enterprises shouldn’t need to abandon the public cloud promise of scale and agility.

The key is to design a data centre architecture using the same building block approach of public cloud. When infrastructure can be snapped together like Lego bricks, the enterprise can scale their footprint, spin up and tear down workloads with agility, and reduce the threat of shadow IT.

During this web seminar our expert panellists will be investigating how public-cloud-like agility can be brought within the four walls of the data centre, what organisations should be looking for in a hybrid cloud architecture and what is made possible with building block architectures.


Ian Campbell

Senior Systems Engineer, Tintri

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Ian Cambell started at ICL as a an Engineer in their Office Systems Division, working on early PC’s and Servers. He moved to Compaq to teach their ASE courses before moving into data storage as a Compaq Pre Sales Consultant for ComputaCenter.  He fell under the spell of start-ups when he joined Pillar Data Systems, where he spent 3 years before moving to B2Net. Ian Left B2net for HP, where he spent 2 years in Storage Pre Sales (3PAR, StoreOnce, StoreVirtual) and 3 years as a Storage sales specialist, selling to UK public sector customers. Being a Systems Engineer for NexGen / Pivot 3 was the chapter that preceded Ian’s joining Tintri in 2016. Ian has broad experience in both SAN & NAS, as well as Flash, Virtualisation and server-based technology.

Mark Ridley

CIO, Blenheim Chalcot Accelerate

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Former CIO, Ridley is now group CTO at Blenheim Chalcot Accelerate, part of the UK's most successful venture builder. Working with the CEOs and CTOs of Blenheim Chalcot ventures, he helps the group's businesses succeed faster through the application of technology, innovation and focused strategy.

Stuart Sumner

Editor, Computing

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Graeme Burton

Group News Editor, Computing

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