When it comes to your most critical high bandwidth connections – like data centre to data centre, and data centre to cloud – most enterprises depend on ‘carriers’; telecoms firms with the fibre optic pipes in the ground. Computing’s research reveals that, while it frequently takes over two months to provision new services – or even make changes as simple as increasing or decreasing network bandwidth – enterprises are ‘satisfied’ with the status quo, accepting a slow service that affects business growth along with outages simply because that’s the way its always been.

Most enterprises would change if they knew there was another way.

In this web seminar, our panel of experts explore the research in full, discussing why it is that in an era of 'software-defined everything', where connectivity happens at the flick of a switch, how it is that we are still putting up with service levels driven by a 1970s business model – and argue that customers can, and should simply be, more demanding.

Questions answered in this web seminar will include:

- What is the state of play in enterprise networking, and how is this disadvantaging businesses?
- How should you be prioritising your needs in enterprise networking for a modern business?
- What are the impacts of under- or over-provisioning bandwidth, and how can they be avoided?
- How will the enterprise-wide migration to the cloud affect expectations in carrier networking?
- What should you expect from carriers in terms of a revolutionary approach to contract models?


Michael South

Product Manager Cloud Connectivity and On Demand Services, Colt Technology

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Michael South is a product manager at Colt Technology Services, and is responsible for Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access and On Demand portfolios. Michael was previously responsible for Colt’s pan-European private line, wavelength and low latency portfolios.
Prior to joining Colt, Michael worked at Global Crossing where his responsibilities included network design & architecture, representation at regulatory events and strategic cost reduction initiatives. Michael started his career as a graduate trainee at British Rail Telecom. He holds an honours degree in Electrical Engineering from Sheffield University, and is based in London.

Luke Braham

I.T. Manager at Red, a global staffing agency that is leader in sourcing and placing SAP professionals operating from 7 offices worldwide.

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An expert in infrastructure and service delivery management for SME’s. A career spanning over 20 years across various industries including banking, media, retail and consultancy. Improving process’s, procedures and productivity of technology teams within international environments.

Peter Gothard

Technology Analyst
Incisive Media Business Technology

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Peter is a Technology Analyst at Incisive Media, carrying out CIO-level IT industry research by running end user and wider industry focus groups, producing white papers and reports, and delivering seminars and keynotes on these findings.

Previously, Peter was a journalist and editor at Computing, V3 and The Inquirer for five years, specialising in big data and analytics, cloud technology, endpoint IT and government digital policy.


Tom Allen

Special Projects Editor for Computing, V3 and The Inquirer

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Tom Allen is the Special Projects Editor for Computing, V3 and The Inquirer. He joined Incisive Media in 2017 from the display industry; trading LCDs and quantum dots for big data and the IoT.

As well as writing, Tom regularly interviews C-level IT leaders, helps to organise events across the three titles and complains about improper use of the Oxford comma.


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