Digital transformation must be a joint endeavour if it is to be any sort of transformation at all. It has to be a collaboration between the business and IT, with the business owning the processes and IT deciding on the best technological approach. For IT this is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand it puts technologists back in the driving seat making then indispensable to the business. On the other hand, they need to become adept at explaining the changes that technology is bringing.

Take AI for example. Much progress is being made and AI will have a huge impact on all sectors from retail to healthcare, from manufacturing to leisure and entertainment. But how does IT explain the benefits of AI when half the population immediately pictures the Terminator, or fears the termination of their job as an automaton or an algorithm takes its place? How can digital transformation be achieved, unless both sides are speaking the same language?

During this web seminar our expert panel will be looking at ways that the IT team can help steer the business in a time when technologies including AI and the IoT are taking us rapidly into unknown territories.

Key topics we will be discussing:

- Emerging technologies that are changing the face of business and society
- How to adopt them in sustainable way
- Where and how should IT lead the business transformation?
- Communicating technology to the business
- Important skills in the age of digital


Kyle Gingrich

Vice President - IT & Certifications - Skillsoft

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Kyle Gingrich recently joined Skillsoft bringing her extensive experience in IT training and certification. Over the years Kyle has held strategic leadership roles at NETg, Honeywell, CompTIA and Cypherpath where she developed innovative training and software solutions to serve the IT industry.

Natalia Konstantinova

Lead Software Engineer (R&D), First Utility

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Natalia Konstantinova is a great enthusiast with over 10 years' experience in the application of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, IT and machine learning technologies to real world problems. She got her PhD from the University of Wolverhampton and worked in various fields such as machine translation, ontologies, information extraction and currently dialogue systems and chatbots. She is currently Lead Software Engineer in the R&D department of First Utility, the UK's largest independent energy provider, supplying gas and electricity to around one million UK homes.

Natalia is still participating in academia by serving as Associate Editor of the Cambridge Journal of Natural Language Engineering, collaborating over research papers and organising conferences and workshops. She is a strong believer that modern technology can transform businesses and our everyday lives.

Graeme Burton

Group News Editor, Computing

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He has 15 years of experience in news and magazine journalism, and has edited such titles as Trade & Forfaiting Review, Inside Knowledge and Managing Information & Documents.

John Leonard

Research Director, Computing

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John Leonard is responsible for the setting up and running qualitative and quantitative surveys for Computing Research's clients in order to assess the opinions and experiences of IT professionals on issues important to the industry, such as cloud computing, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the IT decision making process as a whole.


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