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Organisations from numerous industries had to adapt to communicating with customers virtually during the pandemic, and with this now being the norm, consumers expectations for seamless, highly personalised digital experiences are high. While organisations may have rushed online at the beginning of lockdown, they should now be implementing their long-term strategies and ensuring delivering an excellent customer experience remains a top priority.

At the heart of this is offering customers prompt, personalised, and easy-to-use experiences on their preferred channels. Crucially, this does not just include voice, but video communications also.

However, in the context of high IT workloads and reduced headcounts, managing multiple channels of communication can be a challenge for contact centres.

Therefore, having the right unified communications platform is essential to streamlining communications and simplifying management through intuitive dashboards and innovative features, without compromising on customer experience.

This webinar, supported by bespoke research from Computing, will ask what the future holds for customer experience. It will explore organisations’ priorities and challenges in this space, and whether the tools they are currently using are up to the task. It will examine the role of AI in reducing the burden on call centre agents, the importance of omnichannel communications, and future investment plans for IT leaders wanting to remain competitive and productive in the new world of commerce.

Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Editor at Computing

Tom is the Editor for Computing, where he has been covering the UK IT market since 2017. He is an industry veteran, writing his first tech story back in the mists of 2011, and specialises in covering topics around sustainable IT, diversity and Web3 developments like blockchain and the metaverse.

Tom regularly chats to leading IT professionals around the world, from companies both large and small, keeping a finger on the pulse of the technology space. He is always on the lookout for the newest market trends that affect IT leaders in the UK and worldwide.

Tom has previously written for a variety of B2B titles, including those serving the jewellery, pet and funeral industries - and yes, he's heard all the jokes. Often spotted with a notebook, grumbling about the Oxford comma.

Ben Neo

Ben Neo

Contact Centre Leader for EMEA, Zoom


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