Just when we think we’re out of the woods cyber-threats mutate and come at us again. We knew ransomware was bad, but we didn’t anticipate the WannaCry outbreak that took out substantial portions for the NHS for a while. We got used to warding off DDoS attacks, but not those perpetrated using botnets of IoT devices. We thought our telecoms providers were resilient, then they get taken down by a couple of kids in a back bedroom.

Like microscopic viruses in the physical world, cyber-threats change their DNA, mutating to take advantage of new vulnerabilities. The dumping of NSA exploits by the group Shadow Brokers was a godsend to criminals and other attackers giving them a whole new box of toys to play with, so we can expect more attacks where WannaCry came from, but the form they will take is much harder to predict.

While the incidents themselves may be hard to predict, that doesn’t mean we are all helpless in the face of them. There are patterns to be understood, intelligence to be gathered and solutions put in place. In short, there is plenty that organisations can do to prepare for the inevitable, and avoid to the worst.

Join our expert panelists for a discussion of how lessons from the past can inform our future.


Helge Husemann

Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Malwarebytes

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Helge Husemann is a Security Expert on a mission: protecting businesses from malware. Husemann. has spent the past 15 years immersed in technology and has been focusing in on the ways that malware disrupts, disables and destroys businesses. The threats that keep business owners and IT departments up at night have evolved from disruptive viruses to today's malicious ransomware and Helge keeps pace with these new types of malware and what businesses need to do to protect themselves. His love affair with technology started as a PC gamer, before moving on to Apple and Siemens, and then honing in on the security industry working with Trend Micro and then moving to Malwarebytes over two years ago. The non-stop research and access to Malwarebytes' Threat Labs means he's continuously plugged into the latest advances in security technology. This expertise, along with a gift for storytelling and an obsession with Iron Maiden, makes it possible for him to talk with the IT Departments who are dealing with malware every day, showing sales teams how to identify pain points for businesses and sell the right solutions, and talking with C-levels in the business about the risks they face.

Ali Zeb

CISO, MS Amlin

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Ali specialises in security transformation of businesses, delivering global information security at strategic, tactical and operational level. He has over 16 years experience in IT and Information Security within the Finance sector. Alongside heading global security Ali has been appointed as GRC and Data Protection Officer for many organisations. Ali is currently Group Chief Information Security Officer at MS Amlin. Member of FCA Insurance Sector Cyber Coordination Group (ISCCG) and Lloyds Cross Market Cyber Risk Forum.

Peter Gothard

Technology Analyst, Computing

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Peter is a Senior Reporter at Computing and specialises in enterprise mobility, endpoint, big data and analytics/BI.

He also takes a keen interest in the consumerisation of IT, as well as skills and education in the sector.

Peter speaks regularly at Computing Summits, and has also chaired panels at Apps World and Data Centre Europe. He has appeared on CNBC news as a technology expert.

Graeme Burton

Group News Editor, Computing

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He has 15 years of experience in news and magazine journalism, and has edited such titles as Trade & Forfaiting Review, Inside Knowledge and Managing Information & Documents.


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