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Ransomware is quick. Very quick. Once it gains a foothold, organisations have only a narrow window of time in which to act.

Take Lockbit for example. This infamous strain encrypts data at a rate of 615 GB per hour it tears across an organisation's networks.  More recent strains are even quicker, with Rorschach ransomware gobbling up data at twice that rate. If ransomware is quick, unfortunately recovery is slow. IDC research puts the average recovery time at 21 days. If backups happen only every 12 or 24 hours, which is not uncommon, organisations can find themselves locked out of multiple Terabytes of data. Even after they are ostensibly back on their feet, the impact of a serious ransomware attack may be felt months or even years later. Clearly, scheduled backups are not the answer. What's needed is the ability to detect an attack as soon as it happens combined with the organisational awareness and capacity to stop it in its tracks before too much damage is done.

Join us for this webinar in which we'll be discussing how to close the window on ransomware, looking at always-on replication, the key RPO and RTO metrics, and practical first steps.    

John Leonard

John Leonard

Research Director, Computing

John is Research Director at Computing and Delta, where he tracks developments in the IT market and monitors technology choices made by IT leaders.
Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

Technology Evangelist, Zerto

Chris Rogers is a Senior Technology Evangelist at Zerto with 11 years of experience as an IT Professional focusing on data center virtualization and Data Protection. Chris is passionate about helping organizations remain resilient and running amidst cybersecurity threats like ransomware. Chris has a technical background but has spent much time working with business leaders and translating identified ‘business requirements’ into resilient technical solutions, and ultimately strives to translate technical innovation to business value.


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