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Adopting AI and machine learning continue to hold great promise for delivering genuine business benefits, with many organisations already seeing gains in this space. However, some are still establishing where to start on their journey and others are typically in the early stages of AI maturity. 
Deploying AI, automation, and analytics enables benefits across workflow and operations, as well as employee productivity and satisfaction. Improving real-time insights, intelligent reporting, and the ability to make proactive, predictive decisions impacts cost optimisation – an area of particular focus for IT leaders today.

Organisations are seeing efficiencies and cost savings, and the competitive advantage of succeeding in doing this. But it can be challenging to decern between marketing buzzwords and real technology strategy.

This report and webinar, featuring dedicated end-user decision maker research, will cut through the AI hype, exploring what organisations are achieving with the technology. It will uncover how to monetise AI opportunities, how security can be bolstered, and whether organisations are simply paying lip service to AI utilisation. Finally, it will look at AI use cases, and how to overcome challenges to ensure proof-of-concept becomes a revenue-generating success.

Penny Horwood

Penny Horwood

Associate Editor, Computing

Penny Horwood joined Computing as Associate Editor in 2022 after having been a freelance contributor and researcher for more than a decade, and one of the most prolific white paper writers in the industry.

Penny's enthusiastic and consistent championing of increased diversity in tech stems from her own early career experiences as a young salesperson, a deep understanding of the structural and skills related challenges that UK tech faces and a strong interest in sociological research. 

Penny also writes and researches tech sustainability, and has a finely honed ability to see though greenwash.

She reads the ESG reports so you don't have to.
James Woods

James Woods

Public Cloud Director UK&I, Arrow Electronics


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